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standard blood chemistry analysis

I m educated in blood chemistry analysis at the Metabolic Healing Institute in USA. Here we use regular(and also more specialized) blood test markers and its values in the analysis and assesments of our clients health issues. But instead of using standard measures and values we base ourselves on OPTIMAL VALUES or FUNCTIONAL RANGE, and the RELATIONSHIP and INFLUENCE between the various test markers. And off course backed up by solid science and the most important clinical experience.

I was in contact with Michael McEvoy at Metabolic Healing Institute some years ago and got very fascinated over the possibilities that lies within regular blood tests, as long as you used them in a good way. And finally I got the possibility to take the study. I was deeply impressed over the possibilities for health analysis that can be found within good lab tests. So if you contact me to find out about your health problems, then it would be nice to see your blood tests, or you can take new samples based on my recommandations for what you should have checked. 

I have 2 options for analysis of your bloodtest. Either I can analyse them, or they can be sent to metabolic Healing Institute in the US for an analysis. To send such an analysis costs 60 euro. Here is a link that shows how their analysis looks like: Example Analysis

Under you find a list over blood test markers I m trained in using





































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