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worldwide online health services

Firstly to introduce myself: My name is Jarl Simenstad, living in Oslo Norway. I am a well educated holistic therapeut who now is offering health services online to people living basically anywhere in the world. At the end of this page you can find a list over my education and qualifications. 

I normally use solutions like skype and zoom for online consultations. 

You might wonder what I can offer for you when we live so far away. Well I will make you list here over what I can do: 

I can make an assessment of your health issues based on various tests and our conversation. There are 3 systems of tests that I make can use of to uncover your health issues. 

1: Standard blood chemistry Analysis. I use interpretation methods based on optimal values, not the standard pathological value based view used by most doctors. I can send recommandation list over what should be included in a blood chemistry analysis. Or read more here. 

2: I recommand using the scanning system from NESHealth. You can either achieve your own scanner to own at home or you can use the BWS voice scanner online. This scanning system gives a briliant and fast in depth scanning of your health based on Bioenergetic principles. This scanning system also offers a personalized treathment with frequency based supplements. Read more in-depth about this system here. 

3: Lab tests offered by various labs. I first of all use nordiclabs for those in need for more complex testing. Nordiclabs is situated in Copenhagen, Denmark and run analysis on tests offered by a vast number of labs around the world. If you live in Europe then this lab is very suitable to use. If you live in the USA, then many of the labs they use often are situated in the US so it would be easy for us to use those as well. Additionally I also use various smaller labs when needed, like for example OralDna labs in the US for those with oral infections or suspicions for oral microbes giving health problems. 

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